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Title: By the Numbers (Southern Charm #2)
Author Name: Nicole Dennis
Publication Date & Length: May 30, 2014 – 161pgs


Can a scruffy carpenter and a neurotic accountant find middle ground?

With permission to begin construction and repairs on the Southern Charm, Sullivan ‘Sully’ Tarleton can’t wait to start bringing the old hotel back to new life. He and his crew jump on the tear-down until he overhears his friends talking about picking up the accountant at the airport. Volunteering since he needs to head that way, he doesn’t know the changes this accountant will bring to his life.

Suffering from severe OCD and additional issues after growing up with a hoarder parent, Chandler Braddock prefers to keep his surroundings neat, perfect, organised, and minimal. A reason he enjoys working with numbers. They always balance out, match up to others, and are able to be tracked. Often refusing to leave his New York office, he gives in when his best friend, Samuel, requests his presence in Florida. But what will happen when he’s met by a sexy, but very messy carpenter? And will he be able to give up his orderly life for such a man?

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Ah Chandler… I love his character. Despite his “quirks” he is a tender, gentle person who wants to find a way through his issues. He works incredibly hard to minimize himself, which was hard to read about. I loved how accepting Samuel was of him. I also really like how they call each other by their “nicknames.”

Sully is written to great detail. I can totally see him in my head, which makes for a much better experience for the reader. He is strong, steady, patient, kind, and sounds HOT!

The relationship is somewhat shaky, due to Chandler’s issues, but I love, love, love their relationship. I also really like how Samuel steps in and helps them too. Everyone around them wants their relationship to succeed.

I can’t wait for issues that arise in this book to unfold in the following stories. I really hope things start to resolve, because this book left a lot of questions for the reader.



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