Renee — Admin

Crazy Blonde who loves to read nearly every genre of books at a high volume. Kids drive her crazy, but she has two of her own that are incredibly adorable. Lives near the beach yet doesn’t spend nearly enough time relaxing.

AJ — Admin

I’m AJ! I’m a writer among my many day jobs. I’m from all around the US and have a tendency to move every 5-10 years. I have a deep love of animals, which means I have two cats, a fish and a dog. All my pets have names from televisions shows–it’s my thing. My one random fact is that I have a Muppet phobia (it’s a real thing, I promise you).

I love to read lesbian fiction as well as write it. I like all types of genres so long as the story is great and the characters can become my best friends.


I’m Amy, and I’m a writer, spouse, and mom from western/Finger Lakes region of NY. There are very few genres of fiction that I don’t enjoy, and I even like non-fiction. I will read just about anything, if it’s good. My favorite stories tend to be realistic fiction, but I’m pretty flexible. I particularly like quirky or unusual characters and sweet, romantic, happy-ever-after (or happy-for-now) endings. It’s easier to tell you what I don’t like, as that’s a much smaller list. I’m not interested in BDSM or creature stories (like wolves, vampires, zombies, etc.). I also don’t care for non-consensual stories if the non-con is used as a romantic plot device.

As for random facts about myself, I’m not really a random person. Ha! But I do play the violin, and I’m in an orchestra. I love classical music (actually, my taste in music is about as broad as my taste in literature), and I tend to write at least a bit of it into my own stories. Also, I got my start in fiction by writing fan fic, but I’ve never tried to turn a fan fic into a publishable story. Two separate worlds, in m opinion.


I am a voracious reader – I like most books, regardless of genre, however, I am more partial to fiction than non-fiction. I read when I have time, which these days are far less than I used to. Typos and grammatical errors are a pet peeve of mine, but I can usually look beyond those to see the whole story.

I enjoy hiking, running and golfing. I live on the West coast and love living there; however, I do miss the Midwest, which is where I grew up.

I have a great husband, a new baby, and 2 dogs, a Siberian Husky and an Anatolian Shepherd. They keep my house full of laughter and keep me on my toes.

C. E. Case

I’m a queer reader and have been all my love. I love to write and read lesbian fiction, but I love to go on adventure in search of the next great story. That means I read just about everything. I’m currently a librarian in the South, I have one cat, and I’m typically always online. I’m not addicted–nope, not at all. I fearless in the face of many things, but don’t test that theory out!


I’m Sherry, I love to read and have been reading since I was young.  I always carry a book along with me at all times, just in case I have time to read.   I will read just about any fiction, but I do have my favorites.   Romance books are my number one choice, anything with cowboys, ( they are my number one pick ) mercenaries, military and now a new favorite MC books.  I also love Christmas themed books. I Just started reading Vampire books.  Besides reading I love spending time crocheting and baking, in northern Wisconsin where my husband and I live.


Reading is my passion!  My favorite is F/F, but I also like to read other genres, such as apocalyptic, zombies, creatures  (maybe why I love horror movies?)  I love a well-written book and it’s a plus if a story can make me laugh out loud (which if you ask my wife, is not a hard thing to do).

I enjoy traveling, going to concerts (my favorite is Stevie Nicks), hiking, horror movies, and spending time with my wife.  We have 2 cats and live in a rural town in Maryland.

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