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4 Stars for Highly Strung (Food of Love #1) by Justine Elyot #MMF #Musicians @JustineElyot @PridePublishing


Title: Highly Strung (Food of Love #1)
Author Name: Justine Elyot (Pride Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: June 11, 2012 – 208 pgs


ook one in the Food of Love Series If music be the food of love, no wonder orchestral life is so passionate. The new violinist with the Westminster Symphony Orchestra knows she shouldn’t have a crush on its glamorous leader, Milan Kaspar, but Lydia just can’t help wanting a piece of the arrogant Czech virtuoso. Capturing his attention by refusing to play along with his plans for the orchestra, she soon finds herself drawn into his bed – a bed he shares with lovers of both sexes. But Lydia wants more than wild and inventive sex – she wants to get behind Milan’s sophisticated veneer, to find the man inside the performer. She seems doomed to failure, until a trip to his home country changes everything… Reader Advisory: This book contains menage relationships, bisexual characters and exhibitionism/voyeurism, plus some scenes of angst.

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I really liked this book and the inclusion of the world of being a concert violinist.
The plot is fun and a bit twisted. I did feel at times like I didn’t full understand or get the connection or reason behind Milan’s actions. However, I did get part of the attraction and desire between the main characters.
I don’t know at the end of the book that I would particularily want to know more about the characters as I was just at a meh point since it all seemed a bit rushed and disconnected from the build up to that point.
There are certainly some decent naughty scenes in the book, but not as hot as some others I’ve read.


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5 and 4 Stars for Blue Blood’s Trifecta (Wind Warriors #6) by Cheyenne Meadows #MMF #Action @Totally_Bound


Title: Blue Blood’s Trifecta (Wind Warriors #6)
Author Name: Cheyenne Meadows
Publication Date: March 27, 2016


When past meets present things begin to sizzle.

When an emergency call goes out, FBI agent Ryan tags along with his sister on a Wind Warrior mission. Along the way, he meets Tempest, a beautiful female pilot who stirs his desires and Rogue, a former Army buddy. Seeing Rogue again brings out feelings Ryan doesn’t understand and isn’t prepared to accept.

Their old rivalry returns as both men want Tempest, who happens to be Rogue’s employee.

The mission that had brought the three of them together comes back to haunt them all with danger hanging over the head of every Wind Warrior and their loved ones.

Can Ryan work through his newfound interest in Rogue even as he’s falling for Tempest? Will they pull together and unite in time to save each other from a hired assassin?

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously published elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound.

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I loved this.  Lots of action, hot men, strong women… fantastic.  I love books about super covert ops, but this time, two women were included on the front lines which made it even better.

The romance in the story focuses on Ryan, an FBI agent who was once an army ranger.   He has feelings for Tempest, a kick-ass helicopter pilot and aeronautical engineer and Rogue, a former military buddy who is now Tempest’s boss.

The action in the story focuses around Ryan’s sister Lark’s covert ops group called the Wind Warriors and Ryan’s own role as an FBI agent.

I’m going to have to read back over the first five books in the series to get the whole story, but there was enough offered to make this a good stand-alone action book.  In this book, the good guys are hunting heroin dealers who are out for revenge.

This was a really sexy book – though the sex really only took part in the second half of the book.  Leading up, we have all sorts of action, attraction and angst.  The chemistry between all three characters is explosive and the author puts her imagination to good use thinking up new ways to use all the possibilities three characters bring.

A great read!



Ryan, Tempest and Rogue are kick ass, take no prisoner’s type people. This trio is both hot and tender towards each other.

Although I have not read the previous stories, I did not feel that I was missing too much – I could follow the story well.

Ryan and Rogue’s characters, while similar, were also so different. I appreciated that Meadows was able to create that distinction. So often soldiers are written to be all the same, but these two were rough, tender, fierce and sweet depending on the situation.

The action in this story was fast paced, well executed and exciting. The love in this story was great between each pair, but lacked a little for me amongst the trio itself.

This was a great story, but I wish the interaction and romance was more played out. It was more about the mission and less about the relationships.



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// Cheyenne Meadows – Erotic Fiction Author published by Totally Bound – The home of Erotic Romance //

Growing up in the Midwest, I began reading romance novels in high school, immediately falling in love with the genre, to the point where I decided to write professionally for a career. However, that dream splattered against a brick wall, resulting in a quick death in my first writing class in college when my professor told me bluntly that I wasn’t any good at it. I shifted gears quickly, and left my writing dreams behind, eventually settling on becoming a nurse.

A few years back, I stumbled across a fan-fiction writing site on a favorite author’s webpage. I began to read stories others wrote, not only making some wonderful close friends from the experience, but also, really learning to write for the very first time. Here I was able to share short stories, practice my writing skills, and truly develop into a writer. More than that, the experience allowed me to revitalize my dream, as I rediscovered joy in writing. Now, I spend my days off with my alpha male characters, quick witted heroines, and see how much trouble everyone can get into.

When I’m not working or writing, I enjoy working in the garden, canning, and seeing my backyard as a living canvas for my whimsical landscaping, and, of course, reading romance novels.   


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3.5-4 Stars for Georgia Knights by Julia Talbot – #M/M/F #menage @JulieTalbot

Heads or Tails

Title: Georgia Knights
Author Name: Julia Talbot
Publication Date & Length: September 17, 2013 – 147pgs


AMMF ménage story.When anthropologist Georgia Cortez heads to rural Georgia from New Mexico, she’s on the trail of a juicy old legend. Haley Falls seems like just the place for old-time ghost stories and spooky hauntings, but she’s on the hunt for something far rarer, a survival of an old sect of medieval knights.Caid and Alton are Haley Fall natives, and they used to be best friends. A falling out years ago ended in them not speaking, even after Alt left town and returned older, if not wiser. They unite when it comes to a nosy scholar like Georgia picking apart their heritage, and putting their whole town in danger. When boys meet girl, though, they decide wooing is far better than scaring the lady off, and they set about distracting Georgia in the best way.

While their three way romance heats up, so does the intrigue in Haley Falls, until the three of them are facing a danger far worse than falling in love with each other.

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3.5-4 Stars

This was an interesting tale. It wrapped a love story, history, and some myth all in to one.

I really enjoyed the dynamic between Cain and Alt. I thought they were a dynamic pair and despite their years of fighting their attraction, once the spark was lit, they held nothing back.

Georgia was refreshing in that she was not the helpless damsel of the story. I was really glad about that. She was a strong, independent woman who wasn’t afraid to take a chance.

Despite the big secret everyone is protecting, Georgia is bound and determined to learn all about the sleepy town.

I wish that John had played a more in depth role, but he served his purpose in the end. I also enjoyed Pappy and the Father who did not seem to bat an eye at the strange, evolved relationship that Georgia, Alt and Cain began.

Overall it was a great story. I think it would have been stronger had the twist of John been more thought out and less rushed.



Georgia Knights was  a quick short read and started out slowly but did get more interesting as the story went on.
I would have liked a little more back story to start, I had no idea what the plot of the story was and more about the characters to start would have helped in understanding what the book was about.
The characters were great, the writing made you feel as if you were right there. I especially liked that every time someone called Georgia, ” honey” she replied, “Georgia”. It was amusing how she didn’t liked being called honey and everyone there did it.  The sex scenes were well written, which was great since that was most of the book.
Overall I liked the book and would read more by this author.


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“Boys…” She felt all flushed and tipsy, like her skin was too hot. It was amazing.

“Alt…” Caid stared at Alton over her head. “You. Damn it.” There was no anger there. Just a strangled heat.

Alton lifted one eyebrow. “Whut? We’re all adults here. There’s no reason not to enjoy ourselves.”

Well, that was true enough. She sure was enjoying them. A lot.

Georgia took a bit of pizza and offered it to Caid, holding it up to his lips. “Want some?”

“Mmmhmm.” Caid nipped it out of her fingers, licking at a little sauce that slid down to her knuckle.

She watched as he licked her finger clean, then offered a bite to Alton, going from sweet smile to wicked grin.

“Tasty.” Alton was more blatant, nibbling her fingers along with the pizza, loving on her.

Her nipples were hard as rocks, her belly taut and tense.

“Lord, Caid. She smells good, huh?” Alton leaned on her, smiling across at Caid, hand pushing Caid’s against her under the table.

“You both do.” Caid said it on a moan, Adam’s apple bobbing.

“Y’all are enough to make me breathless.” Talk about mating rituals. Jesus. She could write a bestselling erotic thesis about them.

“You’re the hottest thing I’ve seen since I laid eyes on Caid, and he’s been resisting me for years.”

Oh. Oh, God. Alton obviously had no filters. She took a moment to visualize that — fine bodies moving, rubbing. Kissing. Oh. Pretty.

Caid made another one of those noises, sounding almost pained. “Y’all.”

“I. Is there somewhere… The cook’s watching us.” And she wasn’t putting on a show for the sixteen-year-old, acne-ridden mouth breather.

“My place.” Alton threw a bunch of bills on the table, waving to the little teenagers who watched them avidly. “I need a box, kids.”

“Alton has a place almost up to the falls,” Caid whispered, breath hot on her neck.

“Okay.” She sounded like a phone sex worker, all breathy and husky.

They packed up the pizza and headed out, Alton hustling them back to her little rental SUV. He didn’t give either one of them time to think, either, just groped them both impartially.

“Alton, you’re dangerous. Sit in the back seat.”

“What? Why?” He pouted at her, but Caid punched his shoulder.

“Because no one can drive with you all over them, Alt. Get.”

She gave in to her baser instincts and went up on tiptoe to kiss the corner of Alton’s mouth. “I have to focus, huh?”

“Oh.” Alton blinked, those pretty gray eyes bright. “Got it. I’ll just sit in the back and…” He made an unmistakable motion with his hand.

She swatted him, chuckling. “Now, now. Don’t pop too soon.” She winked at Caid, offering him a quick kiss, too.

Caid surprised her with a kiss that curled her toes, capturing her mouth for a long moment before moving away. He went and sat in the passenger seat, staring, focused.

“Oh.” Wow. Okay. Driving.

Driving would be good.


Heads or Tails

Julia Talbot lives in the great Southwest, where there is hot and cold running rodeo, cowboys, and everything from meat and potatoes to the best Tex-Mex. A full time author, Julia has been published by Torquere Press, Ellora’s Cave, Dreamspinner Press, Resplendence (as Minerva Howe) and Changeling Press. She believes that everyone deserves a happy ending, so she writes about love without limits, where boys love boys, girls love girls, and boys and girls get together to get wild, especially when her crazy paranormal characters are involved. 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juliatalbotauthor
Twitter: https://twitter.com/juliatalbot
Author’s Website: http://www.juliatalbot.com/
Author’s GoodRead Page: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/283274.Julia_Talbot

4 Stars for Deconstructing Channing by BA Tortuga – @batortuga #Menage


Title: Deconstructing Channing
Author Name: BA Tortuga
Publication Date & Length: August 13, 2014 – 73 Pages


When they were young together back in their werecat pride, Bowie and Channing experimented with love and sex, as well as flirting with a threesome with their best friend, Emma. Channing and Emma both ran from their needs, leaving Bowie to break away and find his own life. Now a confident master dominant, Bowie discovers Channing again through a video of a consummate sub, one who Bowie knows he needs to find once more.

When Bowie shows up on his doorstep, Channing feels like a teenager again, all confusion and need. He doesn’t date his own kind, only humans, and he’s not in the market for a full time master. Bowie is impossible to deny, a force of nature, and while both men know they’ll have to think about Emma eventually, now is the time to see if they can get to know, and love each other, all over again.

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This was a very good read. It was hot and sexy and had a premise I appreciated. The beginning did weird me out a little with Bowie being a cat in the train car, but after that, I got used to it and appreciated it. The journey these two characters started years ago comes to life when they are brought back together. Both Bowie and Channing are very well-rounded characters, and their personality differences are definitely compatible with each other. This is a read I would recommend to anyone who wants light gay BDSM erotica.

Now…here’s some minor things I had issues with. Channing wiggles a lot. He is constantly wiggling, and it because less sexy the more it goes on. Secondly, Channing is constantly crossing his eyes. This does not scream pleasure to me but rather someone trying to be funny. I don’t think that’s what the author was going for.

While the sex is steamy and romantic and full of feels, there isn’t a lot of variety in the actual positions. In a gay BDSM book, I’ll admit, I was expecting quite a bit more variety. However, how the scenes were written made up for the lack of variety.

What I had a hard time standing…
I kept waiting for the girl. This was promoted to me as a menage, as M/M/F… there’s no girl. Not even a whiff of a character entering the scene. There’s talk of one, (which I’m sure will be the sequel and follow up to this one, and I’m so going to read it) but there is no actual girl. This is a gay erotic BDSM romance, not menage. I kept waiting for Emma to enter the story and that did not happen.

Overall this was a great read, and one I have already recommended to friends.


Amazon: http://amzn.to/1l7WPUY
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1pdSC14
Amazon CA: http://amzn.to/1qbjlbo
Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/1l7X5U3
obo:  http://bit.ly/1ryz46v
llora’s Cave: http://www.ellorascave.com/deconstructing-channing.html


The trip was designed to give him time. Time to figure out what he was going to say to Channing Lanier when he saw the sorry son of a bitch again.

He could start with “Hey, you rat bastard. Amazing how you came out after you dropped me like a hot rock.” That would be fun. Or maybe, “I thought you weren’t into spanking and bondage, and your precious asshole was sacrosanct, but now you’re a bottom in the underground BDSM scene,” would work better.

Bowie wouldn’t even be going to see said bottoming asshole if it wasn’t for the flyer tucked neatly away in his briefcase.

Tawny Catnip.


Their Emma was a fucking stripper?

A Vegas stripper? The revue was touted as a classy burlesque show and topless nightclub called Catnip Crazy.

Hell, the crazy thing was that both of his ex-lovers had called him a goddamn perv.

Him. Because he’d wanted them both. Because he’d wanted Emma over his lap. Because he’d wanted to see Channing bound and on his knees between the both of them.



Texan to the bone and an unrepentant Daddy’s Girl, BA Tortuga spends her days with her basset hounds, getting tattooed, texting her sisters, and eating Mexican food. When she’s not doing that, she’s writing. She spends her days off watching rodeo, knitting and surfing porn sites in the name of research. BA’s personal saviors include her wife (still amazing to say that), Julia Talbot, her best friend, Sean Michael, and coffee. Lots of coffee. Really good coffee.

Having written everything from fist-fighting rednecks to hard-core cowboys to werewolves, BA does her damnedest to tell the stories of her heart, which was raised in Northeast Texas, but has gone to the high desert mountains and fallen in love. With books ranging from hard-hitting GLBT romance, to fiery menages, to the most traditional of love stories, BA refuses to be pigeon-holed by anyone but the voices in her head.






@batortuga on Twitter


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