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4 Stars for Highly Strung (Food of Love #1) by Justine Elyot #MMF #Musicians @JustineElyot @PridePublishing


Title: Highly Strung (Food of Love #1)
Author Name: Justine Elyot (Pride Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: June 11, 2012 – 208 pgs


ook one in the Food of Love Series If music be the food of love, no wonder orchestral life is so passionate. The new violinist with the Westminster Symphony Orchestra knows she shouldn’t have a crush on its glamorous leader, Milan Kaspar, but Lydia just can’t help wanting a piece of the arrogant Czech virtuoso. Capturing his attention by refusing to play along with his plans for the orchestra, she soon finds herself drawn into his bed – a bed he shares with lovers of both sexes. But Lydia wants more than wild and inventive sex – she wants to get behind Milan’s sophisticated veneer, to find the man inside the performer. She seems doomed to failure, until a trip to his home country changes everything… Reader Advisory: This book contains menage relationships, bisexual characters and exhibitionism/voyeurism, plus some scenes of angst.

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I really liked this book and the inclusion of the world of being a concert violinist.
The plot is fun and a bit twisted. I did feel at times like I didn’t full understand or get the connection or reason behind Milan’s actions. However, I did get part of the attraction and desire between the main characters.
I don’t know at the end of the book that I would particularily want to know more about the characters as I was just at a meh point since it all seemed a bit rushed and disconnected from the build up to that point.
There are certainly some decent naughty scenes in the book, but not as hot as some others I’ve read.


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