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Title: Have a Little Faith in Me
Author Name: Brad Vance
Publication Date & Length: January 28, 2015 – 291pgs


When Rocky met Dex, it was hate at first sight. Country superstar Dex Dexter represented everything that budding rock star Rocky McCoy had left behind him in the Deep South – the religion, the homophobia, the hypocrisy, the lies. And Rocky represented everything that Dex had denied, had turned away from, had refused…

When Rocky met Dex, it was love at first touch. Double booked in the same slot on the main stage at CrossFest, they fought for the microphone like two dogs fighting over a bone. And when their hands met…

Rocky has had enough. “No more falling for straight guys. No way. No matter how hot. Especially if the ‘straight guy’ looks to me like a major closet case.”

Dex has had enough. “No way. I can’t be gay. I can’t lose my family, my friends, my career. I can’t.”

What they’ve had enough of doesn’t matter. It’s what they’ve never had enough of that will bring them together…

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This was my first novel of Brad Vance’s but it won’t be my last. This was aheart-warming, gut-wrenching, realistic journey with our Hero’s, who are both struggling internally with their sexuality, during a time when it wasn’t as accepted to come out. The story is told in dual POV’s, and I loved that aspect.

Both men have a gift when it comes to music. The author including lyrics of songs added an extra personal touch to an already heart-warming story.

When Norman aka Rocky meets Dex, they can’t stand each other but there is also an attraction they are fighting and the author describes it so good that you can’t help gobbling up the pages just to feel more heat from this chemistry.

The author does a phenomenal job of capturing your attention from Page 1 and you gladly let your heart follow this beautiful, sexy journey with two men who deal with disappointment, adversity, pain in a way that will have you cheering for them to get what they need and most heartfully deserve!

“And when I thought i’d lost it all, You’re the one who was there for me, When I had no faith in myself, you had a little faith in me” ….Beautiful!!

Reviewer: Kimberley


I was a little disappointed that the story was mostly regarding the past lives of Dex and Rocky.  I would have liked a little more present day story. I get that the author wanted you to have a clear picture of how they grew up, and he did an excellent job of writing that.  I found Rocky’s dad disgusting with his views of gay people.  The author took on a very big subject of bigotry, but wrote and expressed it very well.

Dex and Rocky were great characters.  I felt for Dex having to hide his sexuality while growing up, loved his part when Katrina came.  I think that was one of my favorite parts, made the story more real.  I felt Rocky on the other hand let guys like Nico use him and he had to struggle more with relationships.  I loved the ending with how they ended up being together, nice closure for the story.

It was a good story and I look forward to reading more by this author.



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  1. Do you name your books before or after you write them? How about the synopsis?

Thanks for letting me visit!  The titles vary – “Have a Little Faith in Me” was just named “Rocky and Dex” until late in the process.  “A Little Too Broken” was a title I had set in stone from the beginning, since the whole story stemmed from that concept.  The one I’m working on right now had the title right away.  It’s a romance between a software billionaire and a hacker who may or may not be trustworthy – so it’s called “Would I Lie To You?”

The synopsis definitely comes last.  Usually right before I publish!  I’ve gotten pretty good at coming up with those at the last minute, I think.

  1. Do you read books? What genre is your favorite?

Oh yeah, I read a lot.  Right now, it’s mostly research for settings, historical periods, etc.  I’m working my writing job and my “Day Job” for a little while longer, but I’m about to become a full time writer.  Then I’m going to make more time to read for pleasure again.  But I do love history – a good history has a better narrative than most novels.

  1. What is one tip that you wish someone had told you?

Hmmm.  I’d say “be yourself” when you’re marketing yourself and your books.  When I started doing erotica 2.5 years ago, I read so much claptrap about “building your brand” and “managing your web presence” and all this sterile, corporate crap.  So I saw marketing as…well, just like something you’d do in a cubicle, in an office.  Kill me, right?  So I either didn’t do it, or I did a terrible job of it.  Finally I just said, fuck it, I’m just going to get on Facebook and do interviews and be my crazy self and if people don’t like it, they won’t like my books either, so that’s fine.  Now I have a blast doing it.

  1. What is one thing not included in your bio? Something random that most people don’t know about you?

Ummm…if it’s something most people don’t know about me, there’s a reason for that J

  1. If you couldn’t write in the genre you normally write in, what genre would you chose?

History.  Popular narrative history, it’s so exciting.  In the mean time, I love writing historical erotica and romance.  One of my upcoming projects is about an English knight and a French Knight who fall in love during the Hundred Years’ War.

  1. Do you have any special rituals/habits that you do when you write?

I have to have music.  Silence makes me crazy, it unnerves the hell out of me.  It’s a good excuse to buy music, though, since if it’s necessary for my creative process, it’s tax deductible as far as I’m concerned!

  1. If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything about your latest book?

No…I’ve gotten dinged in reviews because the book is heavier on backstory than on the contemporary parts, but you can’t look back.  I am planning on not doing that so much in the next book, though.

  1. Do you have anything specific to say to your readers?

Well, thank you!  When I started out, I was told that I was making a mistake by writing erotica, romance and erotic-paranormal all under the same name.  But I’m finding that my hardcore fans will read anything I write, which is great.  I did create a new name, “Adam Vance” for my non-gay, non-erotic science fiction, and some of my fans have even read that and enjoyed it.

  1. Do you ever experience writer’s block? If so, how do you break it?

Nope!  I’m a machine!  I always have ideas, and I’m always working.  Knock on wood.  I get writer’s fatigue where I’ll take off a week, at most, but then I’m recharged and ready to go again.

  1. What’s next for you as a writer?

My pipeline is full.  Right now I’m working on another in my stepbrothers series, “Kyle’s New Stepbrother” – I’m working on #5 right now.  “Would I Lie to You,” in progress.  “Adam Vance” needs to write the next book in his science fiction series.  There are more adventures to be written in the “Colum’s Viking Captivity” series.  My knights in the Hundred Years War…I don’t think I left anything out!


Dog or Cat?  Cat

Favorite Color?  Blue

Favorite curse word?  FUCK

Short or tall? A man can be short, if he’s tall where it counts.

Favorite holiday?  July 4th.

Morning or Night? Morning.

Ninjas or Pirates?  Hmm they’re both stealthy.  Pirates are dirty which is good, but, they’re smelly and have bad teeth … I’m gonna go with ninjas.


Rocky picked up the Gibson Hummingbird. Chris Cornell played one of these. What more did he need to know?

He knew exactly what he wanted to play. How many times had he played this song, how many times had he stretched his voice, discovering his own vocal range. The notes of “Like a Stone” flowed from his fingers in a waterfall, and the words were a flock of birds banking wildly in front of the cascade, flirting with disaster.

He came to the end, the roaring finish, his eyes closed as he sang the epic wave of notes in the last word of the song, “alone.”

He’d only ever played the song when he was alone with Korey, who was no cheerleader. Korey would nod, say, “Good job.” And then tell him where he missed something.

When he was done, he opened his eyes. His new friends were speechless. “Was it okay?” he asked doubtfully.

“Holy fucking great mother of God,” Rick gasped. “Who the fuck are you? Where did you come from?”

Rocky smiled. “Under a rock. I’ve been living under a rock.”


Brad Vance writes gay romance, erotica and paranormal stories and novels, including the breakout hits “A Little Too Broken” and “Given the Circumstances.”


Keep up with Brad at BradVanceErotica.wordpress.com, email him at BradVanceErotica@gmail.com, and friend him on Facebook at facebook.com/brad.vance.10.


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